To be as still before God as the hillsides in the morning before everyone is awake. To know His peace like the sound of a rain shower in the summer evening charcoal gray and growing dark. To be as light-hearted as the mists that rise from the motley-green folds of my favorite hillsides–to know burdens that evaporate like that into the white, low hanging sky. To be as excited by Him as a second glance excites from someone you wish would give a second glance. To know the crazy, heart-pumping love that God can give. To be wound up, electrified by Him. To be so in love with my Father that everything, every instance, every second glance, new beginning, continued blessing is seen as grace flowing from His throne.

I don’t want to miss His presence anymore. I don’t want to miss it when He explodes onto my world in ways I never expected. To be free from the fear. The box I put myself in. The box I put God in, too. To knock down the walls. To do things I never thought I would do. To thank God for every minute–for the boredom, the disappointment, the hard thing, but also for the excitement, for the love, the peace, the new things and old favorites. To stop being half empty and start filling up. To be patient. To be kind. To be respectful. To be thoughtful. To see others and not myself. To love good things– to look for it in others and nurture it in myself. To be true. To be constant. To be HOPEFUL! To be hopefully, expectantly close to Him.

That is my prayer.


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