One of my favorite things about Bible study is that moment when the Holy Spirit connects the dots. That “AH-ha!” moment. I’m gradually learning that with God this same rule applies to our life experiences. Yes, sometimes the answers we’re waiting for don’t always pop into our laps two seconds after we pray, but sometimes as we wait for the completion of one lesson, God teaches us another.

After I published my blog for last week, Lies Looming Large, God proceeded to use the reaction to what He had laid on my heart to teach me even more about Him.

One of my friends messaged me with her own story about how Satan was using something she saw as a short-coming in her life to crack open her heart to his lies. Satan first lied to her by making her feel worthless because she couldn’t accomplish what she saw as a simple test other people her age don’t usually worry about. Then after he attacked her sense of worthiness, he dredged up all her old fears, old scars, old wounds–things she had given to God long ago and had ceased to define herself by in the meantime. He inserted the wedge and let loose the dam; it’s his favorite tactic, I think.

It’s a little hard to give someone a hug through words, but that’s what I wanted to do for her. She’s someone who’s been there for me through so much, has encouraged me, stuck with me through all the stupid, selfish mistakes I’ve made. I wanted her to know right then how much she means to me, that it was silly to view herself as a failure, damaged goods. Don’t you see what you mean to me?! Don’t you see what God used you to do in my life?! And I tried to let her know, but there weren’t enough words.

As I hit send on my reply, I thought: “Please, go through today confident that I believe in you.” And as my words flew away, spinning through the cyber ether, I sat and blinked at myself (or maybe it was God that I blinked back at).

The Ah-ha moment.

Isn’t that what God wants us all to do? I’ve been reading it everywhere lately, each author clipping together the thought with their own words. Live today in the confidence that God believes in you. Live like you are loved.

Here I was trying to will my friend into a place of peace because of what I know to be true of her and because to me she is worth a million priceless somethings. How much more does God, who loves flawlessly and completely and spilling over, believe in us if we are capable of this shadow of affection for each other? How would it look if we stopped living self-condemned and lived like we are forgiven and we are loved?

Because we are.

What if we left behind the defeat and lived head-held-high, knowing that God really does believe in us like the friend who loves no matter what? Because God does love no matter what. Not only are you not a failure, worthless, or broken beyond repair; you are chosen, precious in God’s sight, cleansed by His word, wearing the robe of His Son’s righteousness, and endowed with His strength. Lean on Him and live today confident that He believes in you.

“Our soul waits for the Lord; he is our help and our shield. For our heart is glad in him, because we trust in his holy name. Let your steadfast love, O Lord, be upon us,even as we hope in you.”

Psalm 33:20-22


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